Cleaning, Organizing, Decluttering - 7 Tips to creating a butcher shop cleaning schedule

Butcher Shop Growth Tips September 12, 2021
By: Andrew
Cleaning, Organizing, Decluttering - 7 Tips to creating a butcher shop cleaning schedule

If you own a butcher shop, seafood market or restaurant then you probably experience the same problem: the cleaning and the management of your cleaning systems.
A dirty and disorganized shop can cause you a lot of problems and in some cases, be the reason you fail. You must make sure your business cleanliness is in great shape. This means everything from keeping your business premises clean to your non-visible areas clean.

What is a cleaning checklist?

In addition to having a cleaning schedule, you will need to also create a cleaning checklist. A Cleaning Checklist is a list of tasks that must be completed to maintain a clean and orderly environment. A Cleaning Schedule is a set time for you to complete those tasks. It can be difficult to enforce a cleaning schedule; we recommend following as closely as possible as it will help with the long-term success of your venture. The meat department at the grocery store I used to work at was dirty and smelled awful. The meat was often left out to succumb to time and temperature abuse , and the whole department was just really disgusting.

Customers would notice the poor conditions. They would especially notice the seafood department smell from the front of the store. This type of neglect will often cause customers to use one of their most powerful marketing tools: word of mouth, to let their friends, families, and co-workers know not to shop at your store. . A cleaning checklist could have avoided all of this. Having all of the right cleaning products will do nothing for your if you don’t use them. That is why a cleaning checklist is a must. It will help keep your cleaning tasks organized so you know when you last cleaned an area.

A cleaning checklist will usually be broken down into daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, and quartery tasks.

Schedule tasks by priority

The first thing you should do when you begin to schedule tasks is determine your priorities . What tasks are the most important to you? One of the most difficult tasks for many people is cleaning their butcher shops. This is especially true when there are so many things that need attention. Cleaning can be overwhelming when it feels like you’re just too busy or too tired to do anything else. One solution to this problem is to prioritize cleaning tasks by priority and organize them someplace, whether it’s on a calendar, in a list on your phone, or on a white board in your office area- whatever works for you!

Tasks must be completed on a daily basis

Meat department cleaning is a routine task that should be performed on a daily basis. Skipping one day means having to double your effort the next day. The Meat department will see the biggest sales increase while keeping your meat department clean. The best time to clean is right before you close or right before you open. However, there are several cleaning tasks that should be completed daily such as cleaning your cutting boards. Having the right cleaning supplies and cleaning products will help create a cleaning schedule because you will have the right tools to perform the tasks at hand. An example of cleaning products you might have: Chlorinated Bleach, Pot and Pan Soap, Quat Sanitizer, Chlorine-based santizer.

These are cleaning products that will make your daily tasks easier to accomplish.

Make time for regular cleaning

Make time for regular cleaning of your shop, it can help increase your sales. Cleaning products and cleaning supplies can only go so far. Having a monthly cleaning schedule and a weekly cleaning schedule means that you need to keep to the schedule. Deep cleaning will be required more often if we just create a cleaning schedule but do not maintain it.

Hire an employee for weekly cleaning schedule

One of the best solutions that has helped me is to hire a dedicated cleaning employee. This can be a part timer - someone who is in school - just needs a flexible schedule. As long as you can train the employee, and provide them with the proper cleaning supplies and cleaning products, you will find that you are doing less and less deep cleaning. This is because your monthly cleaning schedule and weekly cleaning schedules will have a dedicated employee. This dedicated employee can also help you keep track of cleaning supplies and cleaning products.

Keep everything clean and tidy

Your weekly cleaning schedule should include tidying up some of your areas. For example, if you have a dry storage area, it can be a good idea to include that in your weekly cleaning schedule. There is plenty of things you should organize daily such as your signage. But a lot of tidying projects can be included in your weekly cleaning schedule. Another good example of this is your dry spices and marinades. Not only are these good items to include in your weekly cleaning schedule, but it is also a great time to inventory your supplies and create an order.

How to schedule your cleaning

A daily cleaning schedule, a weekly cleaning schedule, a monthly cleaning schedule, and a quartery cleaning schedule. You will need to divide up the tasks accordingly and prioritize where each task fits into the schedule. Either way, having the tasks scheduled will do nothing if you don’t invest in making sure you have staff scheduled to perform these tasks. When you are short staffed the first thing to go is the monthly cleaning schedule. Employees want to do their best, but if they do not have the support they will have to make decisions such as forgoing the monthly cleaning schedule tasks.

How to schedule your employees

Schedule your employees ahead of time and take great care in evaluating your cleaning processes. A butcher shop cleaning schedule is not the same as a house cleaning schedule. Butcher shops area high traffic areas and a house cleaning schedule will not be enough to make sure it is clean. You need to incorporate your cleaning schedules into your employee schedules so that they know what needs to cleaned and when.

When Cleaning Schedule

It is time to create a cleaning schedule when you notice your cleaning has gotten out of control. Sit down and really evaluate the last time you did some of your cleaning tasks in your store or department. Cleaning, organizing, and decluttering will help you drive more traffic to your business because customers will feel confident that you are keeping a clean and safe environment to sell proteins.

Cleaning Products

You will also need an inventory of cleaning products to maintain your monthly cleaning schedule and weekly cleaning schedule. Examples of cleaning products include:

  • Chlorinated Bleach
  • Pot and Pan Dish Detergent
  • Quat Sanitizer
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Natural Cleaners such as eucalyptus cleaner

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies are a necessary component to maintaining a monthly cleaning schedule and a weekly cleaning schedule. Some cleaning supplies include:

  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Mop
  • Mop Bucket
  • Squeegee
  • duster

These are pretty common cleaning supplies. One thing to note is that it is important to maintain and replace the cleaning supplies. If your cleaning supplies go into disarray then it will make cleaning a far more challenging task and less enjoyable.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is usually a part of your quarterly plan. Deep cleaning really just means to break everything down as complete as possible and really clean each component. An example of things that are often deep cleaned are seafood service cases, meat service cases, and self service shelving. You will need to make an individual assessment of what fixtures need to be a part of a deep cleaning schedule. When you customers notice that you are deep cleaning the displays and fixtures, they will certainly have more confidence in your store. Deep cleaning can be difficult to schedule on a regular basis, so that is why I recommend scheduling your deep cleaning quarterly. That way you can prepare the necessary staff to accomplish the deep cleaning tasks.

Create Cleaning Schedule

In conclusion, it’s crucial to create a cleaning schedule that works for your cleaning staff and your customers. By ensuring that the process is manageable and that your staff don’t feel overworked, you can create a schedule that will allow your customers to receive the best possible service at your butcher shop. I have shown you a few tips to create cleaning schedule.

what should a cleaning schedule include?

A cleaning schedule should include a list of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. This will be specific to your store or shop.

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